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The Move to Wool movement mat is manufactured in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand grown strong wool.

Particularly suited for low to medium-intensity Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork, for home practice and retreat environments.

Enjoy wool's eco-friendly, natural, renewable, and biodegradable benefits when you use the Move to Wool movement mat.

“People are loving it and are amazed at how soft they are. I was in Yoga nidra heaven, and so warm I didn’t need a blanket.”

Yoga Teacher

“I love my Move to Wool movement mat, it's cushy and cosy - no more sore knees. As a sheep farmer it's great to support a small business using wool - as we all know what a magic wonder fibre it is.”


I immediately had an uplifting experience using the Move to Wool Movement Mat. The mat is 10mm thick of all wool needled together to hold well and smooth and non-slip. It is 85mm wider than normal yoga mats giving spaciousness for movement on it. The thickness is totally luxurious.

It is firm but soft and comfortable giving extra padding on pressure points in contact with the mat - knees, feet, elbows. The wool yoga mat gives warmth on cool conditions and breathable on hot conditions.

Using the mat gives proof of how comfortable and pleasant it is to use it. I can not turn myself back to a previous yoga mat now I have a luxurious comfortable mat to do my daily yoga practice on.”

Christina, Yoga Practitioner

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