Is the movement mat 100% pure and natural?

Your Movement Mat is 100% natural and has been proudly brought to life with minimal processing, supporting your health and the planet. Due to the natural composition and minimal processing of your Movement Mat you may notice some of nature’s beautiful imperfections remain within the wool, such as seeds and other organic matter. This is completely natural and harmless. Your Movement Mat may also have a natural aroma of lanolin which is an amazing natural occurrence in the wool which repels water, dust and bacteria keeping your mat naturally clean. If you prefer to minimise the aroma, simply hang your mat in the sun for a day, turning a few times.  Alternatively, choose your favourite essential oil, dilute two to three drops with 500ml of water and lightly spritz your mat.

How do I wash my Movement Mat?

Your mat will not need washing often due to its natural self cleaning properties.

- Spot clean using a small amount of wool detergent. Remove residue with a clean damp cloth.

- To hand wash, choose a sunny day and submerge in cold water with wool detergent. Leave to soak for one hour. Agitate and then thoroughly rinse with cold water.  Gently squeeze out excess water and lay flat in direct sunlight to dry.  Ensure your mat is completely dry before using again.

Top tip! Hand wash in the bathtub, stand on it and use your feet to agitate after soaking for one hour.

What to avoid: Softeners, brighteners, shampoo, bleach; do not hand wash in hot water, machine wash, tumble dry or iron; store long-term without washing first; spray with perfume; use brush or beater bar when vacuuming.

How do I care for my Movement Mat?

Caring for your 100% New Zealand wool Movement Mat:
- Shake after each use.
- If your mat needs drying after a hot practice, or airing out, hang in direct sunlight.
- Gentle vacuum both sides once per week if you use it every day. Use only the sucking mechanism (not brush or beater bar) to preserve the condition of the fibres.
Long-term storage instructions:
- Always hand wash your Movement Mat before storing it for an extended period of time. 
- Keep it in an airtight bag with a dry lavender sachet for maximum preservation.

What does Oritain certified mean?

Your movement mat is made from Joma Wool®, which is independently verified to be of genuine New Zealand origin by an independent auditor, Oritain. The experts at Oritain have scientifically analysed samples of Joma Wool® to create an origin “fingerprint” of the wool based on its natural isotopic variance. This means Oritain can test any Joma Wool® product anywhere in the supply chain to ensure that it is indeed genuine Joma Wool® of New Zealand origin. Joma and Move to Wool are committed to product integrity and pleased to offer customers the peace of mind that comes with independent verification.

Which side of the wool movement mat should I use?

We recommend you use the more textured side of the movement mat; the side which has our logo imprinted on it. This side will give you better grip during your movement practice. It is also the more durable side of the mat. We do not recommend that you use the softer fluffier side of the mat for movement practice as it is not as grippy, and may be prone to piling. However, you may prefer to use the softer fluffier side of the mat for meditation practices.

How long will my wool movement mat last?

With proper care your movement mat will last a lifetime. Make sure to read the ‘care instructions’ page.

Like all high quality wool products, your mat may shed some wool fibres but this will lessen with use. As is natural with any wool product you may get a little bit of piling over time. Pilling (sometimes referred to as bobbling) is the formation of fuzzy balls on the surface of your wool product. Pilling is caused by rubbing and friction.

How do I tidy up my mat?

- Easily remove the pills by hand, gently and carefully picking them off. 

- A comb can be used to remove pills, making sure to be very gentle and careful.

- Use a sharp standard razor, and gently shave off the pills.

Where is my order?

We know you are excited to receive and unbox your wool movement mat! So we do our very best to ship your order within 48 hours. If you live at a rural delivery address, your mail may take a day or two longer to be delivered to your door. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch:

How do you use any information that I give you?

Any information you submit to Move to Wool (excluding payment information) is stored securely through Shopify's secure servers. We do not have any access to your payment information such as credit or debit cards. The information is only used as reference for future orders or in case you have a return or issue with the product. We value your privacy and you may contact us at any time to remove your information from our secure database by contacting us via email.

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