Meet the team

To say that Laura is enthusiastic about all things wool is an understatement!

Move to Wool is the culmination of her enthusiasm for movement, health and wellbeing with her passion for the super-fibre that is wool. Outside of Move to Wool, Laura is an experienced Movement Coach, working mostly in the rural and farming sector.

Laura is a keen horse rider, so can often be seen riding on the hills or out hunting.

Wool has been woven through her life and Move to Wool is a passion project. 

Bri was brought up on a sheep and beef farm and is now farming with her husband on a 750 hectare Sheep and Beef farm near Flemington and works as the North Island Business Development Manager for PurePods.

Bri loves travelling, hunting and her dogs!

Why do we love wool?

Wool is versatile and durable.

Wool is thermo-regulating and naturally insulating. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool is naturally absorbent.  Wool fabrics can absorb up to 30% of their weight, without feeling damp or heavy. When wearing wool garments the wool fibres absorb moisture away from your body and release it into the air.

Wool is easy to care for. The outside surface of the wool fibres is made up of a series of overlapping scales, making it easy to clean as any dirt or dust will sit on the surface of the fibre so can be brushed or shaken off.  To top this off, wool has natural anti-bacterial properties, as well as being naturally hypo-allergenic.

Wool is naturally flame retardant. It does not ignite easily, and will often self-extinguish. You can see this in action with our Move to Wool logo branded into our wool mats using a heated branding iron.

When your wool product reaches the end of its days its journey is still not done. Wool is biodegradable, making its journey truly circular in nature. As wool biodegrades the fibre’s nutrients are returned to the soil for use again. Wool is made by nature, and returns to nature.

No other fibre in the world can match all of wool’s naturally inherent benefits.

Choose wool. Connect with nature. Live naturally.

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